Czech, Czech, Czech Republic ... What the country is it and its capital Prague, which is so much talked about, but not many things are known about it? Let's try to understand. Today, the Czech Republic is a small country in the heart of Europe. Use of the phrase "Heart of Europe" is not accidental, because geographically the Czech Republic is really in the center of Europe. Moreover, the Czech Republic, with its wonderful symbiosis of Western European and Slavic cultures, can be described as the golden mean. There is manifestation of order, lawfulness, more inherent in Western countries, and emotionality, openness, which are often found among the Slavic peoples. Naturally, everything is relative and everyone has his own view.

When visiting the czech republic there are many options to stay. All the international hotel chains are there like Marriot, and there are plenty of apartment companies who will rent you an apartment by the day - very handy if you want to save some money on eating out. Airbnb of course is present there, but the definitive way to get the best deal from a hotel in the Czech republic or generally anywhere in the world is through a general price comparison site. We leave it to you to find the right place for you.

A major factor of the Czech Republic attraction to tourists is its architecture. Thanks to that fact that there were no wide-ranging war operations on the Czechoslovak territory during the Second World War, most beautiful architectural monuments survived to the present day. And this applies not only to Prague, which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, but also to the huge number of castles (over 1200), Roman-Catholic churches and churches, parks and merely small towns with a centuries-old history.

Moreover, the Czech Republic is attractive with its sanitary opportunities. Carlsbad and treatment in its sanatoriums are very popular. But this is not the only resort city; the second most popular is Marianske Lazne. The Czech beer is not just the name, but for connoisseurs of this drink it is a serious cause for beer tours to the Czech Republic. Old traditions of brewing, quality and availability of raw water permit Czech to be one of the largest producers of beer. In 2005, in the Czech Republic was produced 19,069,451 hectoliters of beer (hectoliter is a super liter which consists of 100 normal liters). But the most important is not the quantity, but quality. And the Czech brewers are all right with it!:)