Does Netflix have Formula 1?

Netflix is one of the world’s leading when it comes to internet entertainment with millions of subscribers across the world. This is one of the easily understood, most used, and the simplest services worldwide. This is a platform that gives users the ability to stream, pause and resume content at high quality. Being a popular platform as an F1 fan, you may be wondering if Netflix has Formula 1 race.

Netflix is a popular platform for watching movies, series, and documentaries. Recently it was announced that Formula one would be coming to Netflix but not the way you think it will come as it will not have a live stream of any of its Grand Prix, although you can watch Formula 1 live online through a various platform that provides live streaming of the event. There are also various drams on Formula 1 on Netflix that you can watch.

Netflix originally struck a deal with F1 to produce a documentary of ten parts series that is based on the Formula 1 2018 season. It will be focusing on the intense fight for the direction, soul, and heart of the future F1 multibillion-dollar business. Netflix will then be given access to the teams, drivers, the padlock, and any other key players in Formula one.

The agreement between F1 and Netflix is meant to showcase the fascinating stories that take place F1 Grand Prix behind the scenes, as this is one of the perspectives that has not been revealed to the fans across the globe. Surprisingly enough, Netflix is not the first streaming service that has taken an interest in Formula 1since other services such as Amazon already released a 4-part documentary series on Grand Prix Driver.

Formula 1 is an all-star game that has been bringing great excitement to millions of fans worldwide that remain engraved in the hearts of these fans, and there is nothing better than bringing it closer to them by agreeing with Netflix to produce a series on the event.

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