Why do they kiss the bricks at Indy?

As you watch The Indianapolis 500 live, you will notice at the end of the race, the winner will kiss the bricks at the finish line. This is another tradition that is done at the race.

Why Do They Kiss the Bricks?

The yard of bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is one of the most traditional areas in motorsports. They were placed in 1909, and there were 3.2 bricks that were laid on the original surface of the Speedway. As technology grew, so did the track. Asphalt eventually was added to the bricks and some rough sections are still uncovered. In 1938, the whole track was paved with asphalt except the middle and front parts.

In 1961, the bricks remaining got covered up. The track still has a 36-inch strip of original bricks. The tradition of the kissing of the bricks began when NASCAR champ, Dale Jarrett, kissed the bricks after he won in 1996.Thus, began a tradition of paying tribute to the history of the Speedway.

This is one of the most famous rituals in motorsports. Kissing the bricks has even caught on with many Indy car drivers. The winners will drink their milk, turn their hats backwards, and kiss the bricks.

Now every driver from the previous years to present year winners all kiss the bricks after each race. It is a lot more organized than when it first happened in 1996. If you haven’t seen the tradition live, you really are missing out on a tradition that makes you feel proud of being a part of it.

The Indy 500 offers a tour where fans can tour the grounds and is available at different times during the year. Visitors love the tradition of kissing the bricks. These guests are from all over the world too.

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